The Elpidiense Export Consortium was founded in 1987 on the initiative of a group of far-sighted companies which aimed to promote the quality of Made in Italy abroad.

Today there are 29 shoe factories within the provinces of Fermo and Macerata taking part of the Consortium and supporting its activities. Each company produces high-quality footwear, largely handmade and expertly crafted in every detail thanks to the contribution of skilled craftsmen and a rigorous research in materials and design.

The member companies display and boost their own collections in a flexible and well-organised show room, whilst a well-tested service system deals with orders and ensure on-time deliveries.

At the same time, the Consortium assists in supporting promotional and sales activities. In this sense, it has already given birth to many business ventures aimed at expanding its network of relationships, including the participation in international trade fairs and independent exhibitions, providing assistance to incoming visitors, organizing workshops, communication and marketing initiatives.

Furthermore, the Consortium aims at maintaining relations not only with the main national and local institutions in order to open up economic and promoting opportunities for the members, but also with the main trade associations which can implement the activity of its partners. This is an idea, a crucial concept which is becoming reality through the Elpidiense Export Consortium: the creativity and the passion of traditional artisan companies, redefined in a global sense.
Luca GuerriniChairman




The Consortium participates in international trade fairs. In this way it is possible to minimize participation, staff and travel costs and provide the buyer with a wide range of prices and styles, carry out on-site marketing researches to analyze consumers’ tastes, needs, commercial strategies, shops, the quality of life and many other important information which are useful while choosing and entering the market.


On behalf of the members, the Consortium  is in charge of all the costs concerning internationalization:  participation in trade fairs, stand assembling, samples shipping, travel costs, hostess and/or interpreters and anything else which is useful for the commercial activity abroad. Therefore, the Consortium protects both the supplier and the members and in case of collective participation, favorable conditions for the parties will be created.


Thanks to its ten-years-long seriousness and to the critical mass available, the Consortium draws up conventions fit for supporting members and the partner they’ve chosen. Each member has various advantages, and the partner is offered a great variety of companies to choose from, to become better known and to develop business relations with.

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Thanks to the expertise and experience gained, the Consortium, on behalf of the members, studies, selects, makes and carries out all the calls for bids, local, national and international which are considered in line with the members’ activities.


The Consortium periodically provides a number of training courses in a dedicated room at the Consortium’s offices with the help of qualified teachers with years-long experience in the field: from marketing to industrialization, from accounting to languages, from online to offline sales and any other topic which is useful for the business preparation.


Upon request, by means of its own resources or by others’ (in this case exercising a great contractual power), the Consortium provides internationalization services: interpreting, market researches, business trips organization, legal and contractual assistance or any other kind of assistance the member might need throughout his working life.